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In another article we spoke about the worst home improvement projects based on todays real estate market.   After all why in the world would you want to add a second floor?   Or any other type of costly addition. Unless you’re planning to stay there for the next 12 – 15 years or so, and unless you’re plan planning to have your now older parents move in with you. This isn’t far from the truth; many folks today are doing just that.

Home Improvement Trends

After major home remodel modifications have been made young adults are now sharing one house with their older parents. A remodel for that purpose makes all the sense in the world. The alternative for us baby boomers to pay for expensive hospice care is just too much to bear.
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Building a home addition or renovating a kitchen makes perfect sense and if you have the space and the where with all, (money), then by all means do it.

The rate of return (ROI) will be ten­fold over time based on the fact that real estate will or should appreciate; the savings alone, from not having to spend large monthly chunks of cash on hospice care is more than worth it.

Remember unless your flipping houses, investing to stay can’t be mea­sured by an immediate ROI its an investment for your future. Cer­tain home remodel additions make these co-living arrangements possible.

Home Improvement choices

We all know that you really dont want to go over­board with home renovations these days. Most home renovations projects should be contingent upon your future plans.

In todays world, certain upgrades still do make a lot of sense. Heres a few primary renovations that many real estate specialist say, always seem to pay off.

  • Kitchens… a new or remodeled spacious kitchen combined with comfortable seating to relax, eat and chat is the heart of the house as opposed to the family room or living room.
  • Bathrooms… whether you’re remodeling an existing or adding an additional bathroom both are wise investments.
  • New Windows and Doors… replacing windows is a very important energy saving upgrade that most homes today need.
  • Siding… Be wise and choose a siding application that has high energy efficiency as well as appearance and maintenance value, such as stucco as opposed to vinyl siding or wood.
  • Basement finishes… it never hurts to add new living areas at a reasonable cost.
  • Additions, more living space, bedrooms, finished attics, always a plus… here too.
  • Entryways and Foyers…  considering the amount of times we open our doors every single day

Imagine all that precious heat your losing, an insulated or glass custom built  entryway enclo­sure will warm up that front door big time.

The above mentioned types of home renovations are the most common and for everyday people it makes the most sense. One important thing to mention here… is to not over remodel for the area you reside. Over spending and over improving is never a wise move, since the probability of re-cooping your investment is never very good.

If your looking for estimates choose an experienced and responsible licensed contractor, one who builds with quality and integrity

Here are a few secondary home upgrades that aren’t all that necessary but still make perfect sense and if you’re able to manage the bud­get as well as the time it takes to build. Then by all means move along with your project.

  • Solar Structures… some call it a sunroom or patio enclosure combination family room. This is definitely a great thing to have, however, make a wise choice when it comes to glass enclosures. There are many out there and need to research contractors who have built and know how to build them.
  • Decks… its almost a necessary feature to be able to have a place to relax in the outdoors of your home. Composite decking versus wood is also something to consider.
  • Patio Deck covers… In many sun drenched states its almost impossible to use your deck without  a deck cover.
  • Greenhouses… many folks are opting to have a green­house espe­cially since the qual­ity of our food is somewhat questionable along with higher prices for organics and the like, its preferable to be able to grow your own.
  • Home Office remodels… although it’s very convenient especially and with so many people working for home these days.  Its healthy thing to have a separate work  area from your living area.

These are but a few upgrades that seem to get the most bang for your investment.

Hope your home remodeling project goes well. If you’re looking for an estimate please feel free to contact us.. for other home improvement ideas… visit here

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