Colorado bathroom design

Bathroom Renovations and Design

How often have you said to yourself I really need to get that bathroom re-done? Decisions, decisions… Here’s a couple of videos of 2 finished small bathrooms.. the size of these bathrooms are very typical in most homes.

In order to effectively remodel your bathroom, try to do this in the warmer months. It helps if you have another bathroom you can use during the remodel process as well.

Bathroom Ideas and Design

YouNew bathroom, colorado bathroom remodels should have a written plan with designs and ideas along with a budget expectation. This is what I find most people don’t realize and that is the cost. The easiest remodels to accomplish are the ones that do not require major plumbing modifications or major structural changes, and not to mention electrical panel upgrades.

Adding a new whirlpool Jacuzzi or an electrical in floor heating option will require an additional circuit. And if your existing circuit panel is only a 100 amp service and maxed out, you will need a sub-panel dedicated to service any new major upgrades.  There’s really no getting around this.

Most bathrooms in a suburban home are generally between, 45 sq.ft, which is roughly 8 x 5.6, and up to about 80sq.ft, which is 10 x 8… or any other combination. Unless you’re increasing your bathroom size and redesigning walls, a bathroom re-model for these types of existing rooms will more than likely turn into a complete face lift for a new look and comfort with energy saving features.

For some reason the old fashion tub styles aren’t as popular as they once were. More and more people are opting for different styles of shower enclosures.

Bathroom Upgrades

Many times the biggest upgrade would be to turn an existing tub into a custom walk-in shower area with a custom tile bench, new glass walls, recessed lighting in the ceiling above the shower. Natural light such as a larger window and finally new water faucets, new cabinets, sinks, toilets… These are probably the most common upgrades. If you’re short on ideas, there are plenty of resources on-line as well many bathroom publications from your local bathroom showrooms around town. More than enough to give you all the inspiration you could possibly need.

I have included some links that I’m sure will be helpful… bathroom remodels    More bathroom ideas





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