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New Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are the next best home improvement and renovation for your home. A private sanctuary, with a fantastic return on investment, if you’re going to get involved in a renovation project 6 out of 10 times, the bathroom is the most logical choice right after the kitchen.

If you’re looking for an affordable bathroom makeover be sure to include us in your estimating process, we can probably save you a few dollars. We are professional and offer a complete service from start to finish.

Bathroom Concepts

Bathroom Jacuzzi, bathroom designs ideasOur experience in bathroom remodeling is measured by unsurpassed quality. Whether it’s a complete remodel or you’re just looking to change and add a few upgrades such as a new custom shower, tile work, stone, new recessed lighting, new water saving commodes, sinks,  or a new Jacuzzi tub, we are here to help and discuss your design and bathroom requirements. Whatever the case, most upgrades are an improvement to your quality of life. Converting your bathroom into a more usable and convenient space can become a beautiful addition as well as a sound investment.

Bathroom remodeling is considered the best upgrade when it comes to upgrading existing rooms in your home. Besides your bedroom you’ll probably spend about 15% of your daily time in a bathroom. An average bathroom renovation can usually take about 3-5 weeks depending on the size and the degree of the design. We usually work as a team of remodeling contractors and if needed an electrical subcontractor to add electric where ever it’s needed.

The use of Jacuzzi tubs is very popular today; these types of amenities usually require additional electrical circuitry so as to not overload the existing electric panel. The addition of natural light, mirrored walls, glass block partitions, added storage space are just a few enhancements that can really add to a luxury style bathroom.

Aside from these standard upgrades to improve the overall design, there is a wide variety of shower styles that make use of distinct water features. Water faucets today also come in a variety of finishes all designed to compliment and dress up the final look of each water based component.

Colorado bathroom designs,  bathroom design ideas Woodland Park, small bathroom design ideas, small bathroom ideasPrimarily sinks and tub showers.

A well designed bathroom usually revolves around a central key feature, like a custom walk-in shower a whirlpool tub, a nice looking Jacuzzi, sink cabinetry, towel racks, some bathrooms today take on a European flare by installing a bidet, although not very common here in America , they are widely used in Europe and in South America.

Space and comfort are probably one of the biggest reasons people look for when taking on a bathroom remodeling project.

If its doable, bathroom makeovers can fit into any budget. By utilizing existing plumbing locations, makeovers and upgrading a few features can really spruce an existing bathroom right up.

Bathroom Features

Strategically placed ambient lighting and accent lighting can do wonders for existing walls and to create a comforting mood. Thoughtful lighting placement can also enhance the atmosphere of any size bathroom.  All in all, remodeling bathrooms is really a simple process if carefully thought out and if you follow a plan so as to avoid costly do overs. Once you have an established budget you can then shop around for the best components that will work for you. Heres a bathroom site you might like for more ideas and inspiration

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Hope to see you on your next bathroom project.

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