When you open the door does your heat escape?

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Energy saving home innovations! In certain parts of the country, houses and other updated green remodeling projects are likely to be built with quality energy saving materials. Since the very start, the use high density foam products with higher R values and better climate retention properties are at or near equal the cost to standard construction along with standard 2x materials and values.

These air tight, mold free, no drafty construction materials should be the norm for the future. No home structure should be built without them.


Building with better energy saving products is always the better choice.

Home Entry foyers… energy savers

There is no doubt that energy will continue to get higher and higher with time. Solar energy also has a lot of free time, it warms our earth perpetually, and considering the life span of solar energy, it’s no wonder more and more solar innovation structures are being built and realized, every day. Consider the number of time one enters and leaves their home through the front door, an entry foyer creates an air lock which saves precious heat and energy.

Building an entryway is a relatively easy task for an experienced carpenter and tradesman. The cost can be very reasonable since most entry ways can be created as small as 6 x 10 area.. a couple of windows, one entry door and perhaps a skylight which will allow and store sunlight and heat when not in use. the cost savings in energy alone will more than pay for such a worthwhile investment.

Combining the use of these energy building products and energy saving foyer entryway along with passive solar structures and ideas is a win-win situation. Especially after it’s built and you begin to reap the benefits year after year.

If you’re starting from the ground, consider the value, the energy saved from this day forward, not just the one time savings if there is such a thing?

In today’s market it just makes too much sense to not look into building an energy saving, passive solar structure. The difference in cost is minimal as compared to the savings both in construction time and future money saved. An example of an energy saving product are SIPs building panels.

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A SIPS panel is an engineered structural panel made from a 6″ mass of foam sandwiched between two sheets of 7/16 OSB sheathing. These 6″ wide panels together with high density rigid foam…, or poly foam have higher R values all around and the fact that they are also air proof after its all finished is by far very energy efficient, much tighter and a super lasting weather proof wall.

home remodeling tips, remodeling your home, remodeling home ideas, remodeling a home, remodeling home,Insulated Concrete Forms also known as ICF’s is also a home energy building product made with rigid density foam and are used mostly for foundations, however they have also been used for the construction of the perimeter exterior house wall as well. A concrete house is very sound proof, wind proof, and extremely energy efficient. Living in colder regions requires beefier structures for maximum energy efficiency. But due to cost, some options just aren’t feasible.

Building a home solar structure is an affordable value added energy option, a solar entryway traps that precious energy during colder months, and if built right, hot summer months are no longer a problem with an operable skylight / ridge vent.

A home front entry way is considered a valued addition since it is designed to match the front look of your home, while in increasing maximum energy savings every time you open and close the front door.

Home foyers and entryways are not very common, amazingly more homes are opting to have a solar structure built for all its practical purposes and value. As mentioned earlier, having a double door entry way is much like an air lock, a chamber to trap warm air from escaping before you enter and leave the house.

Some home entryways can be elaborate in detail but for most homes a easy simple addition properly designed with taste and usefulness in mind… you’ll be happy… for as long you live there.




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