The importance of using a tradesman who knows what he is doing!

There are lots of home improvement contractors who can chatter up a good conversation, and often can provide unbelievable tales and stories of what they have accomplished and how quickly they can do things.


Contractor for Home Remolding, Deck Building, and Additions….  


We are all aware that the remodeling industry is a billion dollar industry nationwide; the need for home renovations is an ongoing trend and will most likely be around for many years to come. This in itself presents many opportunities for those who pursue the home remodeling field.

 Building with a passion is what a reliable contractor is all about, the right contractor is one that loves what they do, and in many instances their trademark is the footprint of their expertise, their craftsmanship, their passion for creation, and their commitment to their trade.

 Many contractors, who have lasted through thick and thin, are the providential ones who have made the necessary contributions to their trade, so that they can be known for what they do. This essentially is how many of the smart ones get their business, through referrals and recommendations.

Quality contractors can often be trusted just by seeing how long they have been around, references, current credentials such as builders’ license, insurance and an extensive portfolio of their work.

 Home remodeling requires experience and knowledge, the tricks of the trade are what make remodeling projects seem effortless, but without this knowledge a renovation project could have an adverse outcome.

There is plenty to learn about products, techniques, and what is the most economical way to build a project. If a family decides to stay in their existing home, it is inevitable that, at some point in time, the need to renovate or improve will arise and finding the right contractor will take a little time.

 Home improvement mishaps usually happen because not enough research was done during the early stages. Depending on the scope of the project it is advisable to search for a contractor who specializes in a given field of expertise. Bear in mind, however, that those who specialize do this because they are skilled at what they do, have a proven track record and of course, are generally a bit more expensive than an all round handyman.


The value of a quality contractor…


The term “contractor” is sometimes coined together with the phrase “a dime a dozen”, anyone with a hammer and a truck can pull up to your driveway and sell a bill of goods and services. Buyers beware, without first researching whom to deal with, anything can happen. The result could turn into a remodeling nightmare, and the homeowner is left with a mess and most often loss of money. Nobody wants this, but unfortunately it, happens all too often.

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 These types of negative results have given the term, “contractor” a bad name! This is all the more reason, why a reputable contractor, needs to continue to follow through with their    commitments, as well as provide quality craftsmanship whenever employed by a homeowner.

The moral of the story, stay informed and do your research.

Nobody likes to be taken advantage of, so it is essential to establish a genuine relationship of trust and open communication at all times during the project, from start to finish.

Visiting one or two completed projects and making a couple of calls to references can relieve a lot of pressure when researching for a reliable and trustworthy contractor. This is considered the most valuable asset a contractor has. The word of others says a lot, about a contractor’s trademark.

Avoid an unlicensed contractor…

Hiring an unlicensed contractor and not pulling the proper permits is not recommended. It is surprising how many homeowners do just that. Saving money is an admirable thing but at what expense?

One has to remember a home is one of the most value assets a person has. Trusting others, to perform any serious remodeling project, should not be taken lightly or cheaply.

The pitfalls of unpermitted work by an unlicensed contractor

  • No responsibility…
  • No documentation
  • No warranties
  • No recourse
  • Shabby workmanship
  • Denial of Insurance claims
  • Non-saleable home – non compliance
  • Homeowner’s responsibility, compliance to building codes and corrections

A licensed contractor, however, is governed to perform and must comply with codes and quality workmanship; this protects the homeowner’s investment and keeps the contractor compliant with all county and or city / state guidelines.

For the most part, a contractor who is in the home remodeling business for the long haul, are licensed, competent, honest, financially responsible, and have a list of references who can recommend and stand behind them at whatever time.



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