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Architectural stucco is an amazing concrete material for a number of reasons. For one, it is incredibly strong. A professionally applied stucco home can easily last hundreds of years. Stucco adds value and character to any home.The weather resistant qualities and insulation factor alone is all the more reason to apply stucco to your home especially if you plan on living there for any amount of time.

Stucco combined with energy efficient windows and doors can block howling winter winds that suck heated air from your home. The stucco finish is a fantastic wind barrier, and when applied correctly to prevent moisture build up between the inside surface of the concrete and house wall, you’ll have years of maintenance free siding issues.

Hiring a reputable stucco contractor and a talented stucco crew , can provide an infinite amount of stucco textures and patterns from which to choose.

stucco exteriors, stucco exterior, stucco finishes exterior, Colorado stucco contractorIn the opinion of many,  a Stucco finish is by far one of the best exteriors you can apply to your home.. Besides the “maintenance free aspect ” the sheer beauty of stucco can out last the test of time more so than any wood or vinyl product. The choice to use stucco can vary greatly and depends on personal choice, cost, aesthetics, and feasibility. Stucco is very popular in most Western States…

If you were to take a drive down a more recently developed neighborhood in Tuscon Arizona or Colorado Springs, Colorado  almost every other house has a stucco finish. The popularity of stucco has grown tenfold over the last 15 – 20 years and continues to grow.. The mere thought of having to re-stain or re-paint or even re-side a home with more conventional products every 4 to 12 years or so is soon overcome by a more permanent solution such as stucco.


cost to stucco a house

In today’s economy and surprisingly enough Stucco applications are more affordable and only slightly more in cost than conventional siding products. This is probably one reason why so many homeowners choose stucco finishes over any other type of siding application.

Other siding options are still available and are widely used as the next best alternative, once again these choices are mostly due to choice, cost and suitability. What most people say about Stucco

.. its stunning, beautiful, energy efficient.. and above all its maintenance free.



Before                                                   After

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Stucco installation  is a team effort.. I have heard people say I can do this on my own.. what I have to say about that is good luck..

The stucco mixture is mostly a concrete product. There are always 2 coats to apply ..the first coat is called the brown coat…even though its actually grey,  the nomenclature has been designated as “brown coat”…this coat is usually around 3/4” in thickness… after its all applied the curing time must be no less than 10 – 14 days…

I’m sure you have seen shorter curing times, however, the longer the better.

Providing a quality application is crucial for a crack free and smooth looking finish. One trick that we do to tighten and strengthen the brown coat is to wet it a few times during the curing stage. Here’s another great stucco resource for more information about stucco and other home remodeling tips and info..


Here’s a great video of an actual application.. interesting to see how they apply all the colors and layers

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When applying stucco its best to have a team of 4 or 5 persons and depending on the size of the house. In some cases there could be up to 7 or 8 plaster’s on scaffolding applying the brown coat and up to 3 persons mixing and feeding the plaster’s with continuous bucketfuls of concrete mud. A professional crew is always advised when undertaking such a project.

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stucco colors for houses

Over the course of time stucco finishes have evolved to a finer synthetic blend of finishes..unlike the coarser appearance of real concrete colored stucco finish and its limited selection of colors, the synthetic blends offer a much larger selection of colors and a more expansive selection of texture finishes and appearance. Giving the homeowner that more to choose from.

Thank you for your visit.. Remember…. there are lots of Stucco companies always use a stucco contractor and a stucco crew you can trust and follow up with. If you live in Colorado Springs, Woodland Park and or nearby areas  Contact us soon …..Stucco your home today.