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 Sunroom Additions

As a result of the Great Recession of 2008 thru present 2011-2012 there are many homes on the market today, and if you’re lucky enough to be on the buying end you’ll most likely end up with that perfect choice. That perfect choice would most likely be a home that includes most of the amenities you would want in a home that you would ultimately consider your dream home.
Short of building it yourself or having it built by a professional home builder you may very well wind up with a house that may not need any remodeling. A home with everything in it, imagine that? and at a reduced price to boot.

Sunroom Remodel

The truth of the matter is, that hardly is ever the case. There’s always something that needs to be remodeled even it’s a simple modification like changing out a door or adding some shelves in a closet or changing out light fixtures, painting walls. No matter how small or big the modification is. The point being there’s always something.

On a larger scale, theBreakfast Nook Sunroom addition of a new deck in the back yard, a total landscaping makeover, the addition of new sunroom or greenhouse, remodeling your existing kitchen or re-doing an existing bathroom, these are always one of the first things to change out, after you move in.

There are other household how- to improvements that can make that dream home become a reality as well. Modifications like moving an interior wall to make a certain room, such as a kitchen, bigger and more accommodating, adding a little bump out addition, such as sunroom breakfast nook to bring in more of the outdoors within the comfort of your new home. Adding a detached or attached work shop garage and or shed. So many homes don’t have sheds to store all those outdoor implements.

Another popular amenity for sprucing up your backyard is to construct a nice pergola for shade or a custom gable patio cover and sunroom additions framed out to integrate with your existing roof line and finished off nicely to blend in with the architecture of your new home. A covered patio sunroom is certainly a worthwhile investment since it allows the use of your patio deck more often and on days that are sun-filled and just too hot, now you can enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather is rain or shine.

Now is the time for a Sunroom

I see so many homes with nice beautiful decks that can only be used once in a blue moon. I hardly ever see anyone using their deck during the day. Most of these decks are usually uncovered and exposed to the elements 24-7. A nicely designed and affordable patio cover or sunroom would most definitely enhance your outdoor experience not to mention adding good value to your home.
Greenhouses and Sunrooms, Outdoor Patio CoverMost realtor’s would agree that homes with these types of amenities are always in more demand than homes that don’t have these types of home improvements.

If you’re contemplating a remodeling sunroom improvement take the opportunity to make your dreams come true. If you’re local and need an estimate, give me a call… If you’re in another part of the country call your local contractor and have them design a wonderful home and garden project you will be happy and proud you did.

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